Two Roads
  • When: September 10th - December 10th
  • Leader(s): Sheldon & Elayne Huebner - Matt & Felicia Register
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When many of us first met Jesus, we imagined a life full of authentic relationships, vibrant faith, and deep joy. But down the road, we find ourselves exhausted from trying to keep up, frustrated by our habitual issues, or just plain burnt out. We feel like we’re faking it more often than not, and bizarrely our faith communities often end up feeling like the place we need to hide our true faces the most. We thought this road would lead to abundant life, but lately it feels like a grinding drudge.

What if there was a different road?

A road that led to real, authentic community—the kind where the worst parts of you can be known, and you’ll be loved more in the telling of it? What if we could let our true faces be seen in our families, friendships, churches, and workplaces, and we could see others’ true faces too? What if that life of being authentically known and loved is real, and Jesus is inviting you into it?

Through videos, discussion questions and scripture, Two Roads is designed to help your group travel beyond the mask and begin experiencing real, authentic relationships rooted in grace.

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